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We know you are probably tired, and sore, and maybe fed up with the pain.  Maybe no one has been able to help you so far? We’ve helped many people who have been struggling and we’ve been able to make them feel better. These initial consultation sessions are your 1st steps. No matter what your issue, we can help bring more balance, focus, health and productivity to your life.

Get started today and book your 30 minute Initial Consultation:

  • Receive a full orthopedic examine including:
    • detailed client history,
    • mobility and spine function assessment,
    • nervous system assessment,
    • range of motion assessment,
    • x-ray referral as required.
  • Gain critical, whole-body insights into the source of your issue.
  • Personalized strategies to remove the pain and heal.
  • Get to know us, and decide if we’re the best fit for your needs

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Kanata Chiropractic Center has been helping thousands of clients since 1979. We specialize in gentle techniques, eliminating pain, and through Awakening Potentials, healing with unique breakthrough techniques to improve life.

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