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Bird Brains, A Lesson In Persistence

Posted by: Marcelle

When we think Bird Brains, we think of someone who is scattered and unfocused but in reality, Bird Brains are a lesson in persistence.

Well, let me tell you about our back yard.  It borders on a park and in the tree just behind our hedge is a crow’s nest.  There is at least one baby crow in there right now, maybe two, but I got to tell you, they can teach us a lot about life.  It doesn’t matter how much food the parents bring them, they just keep on complaining and demanding more.  And they go all day and half the night. You might think that is just how it is, but these guys just never give up.  They just keep asking for more, and they won’t stop. Which brings me to my purpose of this blog.  When we really want something, (by we I mean people) we may ask politely for it, and then we wait.  And eventually we just move on because no one heard us.  That is unless we are talking about our kids.  They seem to have got “bird brains” when it comes to pestering us when they want something.

Bird Brains are a lesson in Persistence!

It just seems that over time, as we grow up, we forget about the power of persistence.  Listening to those baby crows has reminded me of that.  So what do you think?  Are you continuing to ask for what you want out of life, or do you get polite and keep quiet? We have all heard that the squeaky wheel gets the oil and it is so true.  The hard part of getting what you want out of life is to keep asking.  To keep making noise (efforts, work etc.) If you want to learn how to become so persistent that things start to happen your way, consider our Intuitive Life Coaching or workshop.     Tony Brunelle

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