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Blissful Relationships?

Posted by: Marcelle

Does the following  sound like you? Ellen, a woman in her late thirties, was in a stifling relationship. She was restless and disinterested. She wondered whether she had to accept her circumstances. Her childhood experiences with her father had imprinted the acceptance of poor relationships with males. When Ellen finally removed the power of her earlier imprints about men, she found the courage to leave her dead-end relationship and has since found the love of her life. That is a true story.  So let us ask you: What should you do to live your best life faster? Should you focus on your subconscious mind that you use 90 to 95% of the time, or your conscious mind that you use only five to ten percent of the time? Of course, focus on your subconscious mind. The question isn’t should you change, the question is how do you change.   Lots of self help books on this subject, and lots of self-proclaimed experts offering advice.  So what have you tried and how is it working? If you want to make real changes, real fast, then go with someone who has a proven track record in helping people change.  It is possible and yes, you can do it.  If you haven’t experienced working with us, check this out.  In a hurry for change, check out Ultimate Wake Up.

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