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Psoriasis is Curable

Posted by: Marcelle

Kim Kardashian has psoriasis.  It is not supposed to happen to the “beautiful people” is it?  But it has happened to Kim and according to the story, it is incurable.

Sorry, but I beg to differ.  Psoriasis is a symptom in my books, a symptom of an overloaded liver and digestive system.  Now the standard medical treatment is corticosteroid creams.  Trouble is that it doesn’t address the cause and actually drives the toxins deeper into the body.  Think of the skin as an organ of elimination.  And it is.  Have you ever worked up a sweat? You are detoxing when you sweat.

The main organs of elimination are the kidneys, liver and hence the large intestine.

But when you are toxic, for whatever reason, the liver and kidneys fail to detox as well as they should so your body then uses either your lungs and/or your skin to eliminate toxins from your body.

Enough said.  If you do have problems like Kim, start by avoiding the “Night Shade” family of foods.  That is potatoes, tomatoes and egg plant.  The next thing to avoid is greasy foods, as well as bananas and carbonated drinks.  Sounds a little boring but it helps.

Finding out if you are allergic to any foods is also a great idea.  And of course, detox your liver.  All of this really does work.

Case History:

Young girl with large angry red rashes under arms, on torso and legs.  She had it for over a year and had been put on one drug after the other.  The parents finally brought her to our office.  “Take her off of dairy” was my advice, that and some Human Strain Probiotic to help restore her bowel flora.

End result was that within 2 weeks the rashes had completely disappeared!

Yes Kim, there is an answer.

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