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Why We Prefer Gentle Chiropractic

Posted by: Marcelle

Gentle Chiropractic

Ready-Twist- Crack! This is not music to every chiropractic patient’s ears. If you’ve ever been fearful of a chiropractic adjustment, this post is for you. For many years now, we’ve moved away from that more physical twist in our adjustments, and started using a far more gentle technique. How? Keep on reading, and we’ll reveal the tool that lets us treat patients gently and effectively. No more twists and cracks. Is that good news, or good news?

Dr. Marcelle Forget uses Impulse Adjusting Tool

Dr. Marcelle Forget uses Impulse Adjusting Tool

We have been chiropractors for over 35 years.  And a lot has happened over that time, from the early days of training to what we’ve learned along the way, and new technology that’s been developed.  Chiropractors manipulate the spine with their hands. It’s what we do to help you heal.

But, whether you’ve just seen it on TV or experienced it first hand, chiropractic adjusting is noisy, and can be intimidating for those on the table.  And even though chiropractic has been proven over and over again to be safe and effective, many people are afraid to try chiropractic, even when their health is on the line.

About six years ago in our practice at Kanata Chiropractic, we discovered something brand new in the field that changed all of that.  It’s called the Chiropractic Impulse Adjusting Instrument.

This is an amazing tool. There is a computer chip that controls it’s pressure and function, and above all – it’s really gentle.  What this Impulse Adjustor does is use very fast acceleration and very little mass.  (i.e. it’s small, and the movement is quick). It can move faster your or our hands, and in doing so, it delivers a tiny amount of mass. This gives the same results as traditional hand adjusting.

The result is that there is no cracking of the joints and no twisting of the spine.  Even though you barely feel it, the normal motion of the joints are restored. We’ve used it on thousands of spines now, and the results is that pain is relieved, and function is returned to the body. It’s great, easy on the patient and works on everyone, from infants to seniors.

After 35 years in the field of chiropractic, our experience has shown that this Impulse Instrument is the real deal. It works and we love it so much, it is the preferred technique in our office. Patients of ours who have had, over the years, the traditional hand adjusting have also been enamored with this new tool. And it is without a doubt the best way we have ever encountered to help the joints of the wrists, elbows, feet and knees. We don’t know of anything that can compare. Chiropractic care has really evolved along with the computer revolution. With Impulse Adjusting, our patients can relax. And now you know about gentle chiropractic. There’s no need to be scared of those twists and cracks anymore!

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