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Antibiotics, Probiotics and You

Posted by: Marcelle

Antibiotics, Probiotics and you should be top of mind as news headlines are ringing the alarm bells about the looming “End of Antibiotics” .  

Antibiotic Apocalypse

The medical profession calls it  an antibiotic apocalypse and this is not an exaggeration of the truth.  As we continue to use antibiotics in chicken feed, cattle feed, and freely hand them out for such things as viral infections, the bacteria in our world are evolving.  And that means that they are getting “smarter” in that they no longer react to all of our various antibiotics.  This is not some science fiction end-of-the-world story, this is a reality!  Watch the following video, your health depends on you knowing about this.

Video from National Public Radio in US.

Antibiotics, Probiotics and You

The above video explains well the importance of friendly bacteria and is so worth the few minutes of your time to watch.  This also explains why we at Awakening Potentials only recommend high quality strains of human micro-flora rather than the discount brands available at most health food stores.

Bacteria rule this world and more importantly, rule us.  But what science is only beginning to appreciate is the positive power of bacteria, that there are friendly bacteria that keep up healthy in innumerable ways.

When it comes to probiotics, don’t get fooled by pretty labels and pictures that tell of large numbers of bacteria in each capsule.  The numbers are meaningless if the bacteria can’t survive in your gut.  This is an area where real quality does make a difference

At our office, we only use several high potency strains of probiotics and have found over the years that everyone is unique in that what works for you may not be the best for the next person.  We have also found that when treating someone, changing the strain of probiotics can have a profound impact.  One of the most potent probiotic formulas we have found over the years is UltraFlora Balance from Metagenics.   You can order direct by clicking the link.

As chiropractors in Ottawa, we use a multidimensional approach to your health that includes not just the condition of your spine and nervous system, but also your diet and stress levels.  If you have any questions feel free to bring them up on your next visit to us.

antibiotics, probiotics, antibiotic apocalypse

Dr. Marcelle Forget and Dr. Tony Brunelle recommend probiotics for health

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