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10 Day Detox and Weight Loss

Posted by: Marcelle

Clear Change from Metagenics

Clear Change from Metagenics

What’s better than a Weight Loss program?  How about a…

10 Day Detox and Weight Loss

It seems that most people are interested in weight loss and detoxing their body is secondary if considered at all.  So here is something that will help you lose body fat while gaining muscle mass, and all done in 10 days*.

Want to  Reduce Fatigue and increase Vitality?

Take a few minutes and watch the following video that explains what a true detox program is all about and how it will help you lose weight at the same time.

Clear Change Webinar from Metagenics on Vimeo.

At Awakening Potentials we ( Dr. Marcelle Forget and Dr. Tony Brunelle) hosted the “Ultimate Detox Seminars” about twice a year in Ottawa, Ontario.  This workshop  would run about 6 hours and the participants would learn what healthy weight loss was as well as what a true detox program was.

Dr. Marcelle Forget helped separate the fact from fiction with regard to detoxing the body and weight loss.  There is a lot of confusion out there as most programs that help you lose weight end up causing you to lose more muscle mass than toxic fat.  In fact, many super models are actually “skinny fat” where they have starved themselves to look, oh so sexy.  In actual fact they have a high fat content in their bodies and their muscles are wasting away.  For more information on Skinny Fat, click here.

Now with the Metagenics Clear Change Video you can learn at home.

And when you are ready to lose weight and detox your body for improved health, increase your vitality and reduce your fatigue,  give us a call at 613-592-8100.  We have a limited number of the Clear Change Kits available at a great price so act now.

You can order direct from the company by clicking here.

*this is what can be expected when following the 10 day detox program from Metagenics Ultra Clear Renew program.

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