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At the Kanata Chiropractic Center, we support you as a whole person, and offer you an Initial Consultation so that your needs are thoroughly assessed and addressed.  This allows us, Dr. Marcelle Forget and Dr. Tony Brunelle, to genuinely review our capacity to help you heal, and helps you to decide whether we’re the right practitioners for your needs.

With the initial consultation package, we’ll offer you an orthopedic chiropractic examination, patient history review, x-ray referral if required. Schedule your appointment here.


Initial Visit

For new clients, we begin with a Consultation . This offer gets you an orthopedic chiropractic assessment, patient history review, x-rays referral if needed.
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We believe in using gentle chiropractic techniques to help correct alignment, joint pain, pressure and other body issues. You can expect gentle and considerate manipulation with powerful  results.
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We help where others can’t. Together, we’ll review your entire history, not just your current pain. Once the immediate need is healed, we offer maintenance visits to help ensure your body is aligned and pain free.
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I had a major car accident in February 1999, and I had been seeing all kinds of therapists and nobody could help me with the pain in my eye and in my head. I had gone to all kinds of specialists, I have been through all kinds of tests and they still couldn’t figure out the problem. My old chiropractor was just so frustrated because he couldn’t help me with the pain, and Dr. Tony Brunelle is a friend of his, so at one point he said to me, “I think it is time you saw Tony, you are ready.” I didn’t know what he meant about that but I quickly found out when I met him.” Monique Watch More

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Kanata Chiropractic Center has been helping thousands of clients since 1979. We specialize in gentle techniques, eliminating pain, and through Awakening Potentials, healing with unique breakthrough techniques to improve life.

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