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Need a little holiday?

Posted by: Marcelle


I’ve been working like a mad woman lately. The office is switching systems for bookkeeping, and that means everything needs to be checked, double checked and transferred. So it’s times like these when I must take my own advice.

Little holidays are so essential in a busy routine, and yet, if you’re anything like me, it’s almost too easy to ignore that side of a balance work ethic. When a job demands my attention, I get all charged up and focus on reaching my goals, meeting those deadlines, finishing that task.

But isn’t it exhausting? Don’t you feel exhausted?

I feel exhausted. And that’s because sometimes I forget that when it comes to tackling a project – all work and no play makes Marcelle (me, and probably you too) exhausted.

Today I will take my own advice and try to get my life-work-balance in order. And if you can empathize with what I’ve been writing, I suggest you do this too.

Here’s a list of my favourite little holiday ideas:

  • Go to place that I love, like my backyard. That’s my world away from the world, and hopefully you have one too.
  • Visit the water. Tony and I are great fans of the river, and I’m sure you’ve gathered that Tony is an active fisher man. When we take to the water we leave our business, our projects, our everything behind. Is there an activity that does that for you?
  • Take a walk, particularly at sunset.
  • Watch an episode of NCSI, or LOST, or 24 . Television can make zombies of us all, but in small doses it can also help reduce the processing that our mind insists upon when we’re bang in the middle of a project.  What’s your favourite television show?

So there’s my list. What’s yours? I’m always looking for ideas on how to decompress, and getting responses would be a good reminded that – yes – it is time for a break.

Thanks for reading. I hope this ‘little holiday’ from your work has been worthwhile.

To your success!

Dr Marcelle

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