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Are You Listening To Your Little Voice?

Posted by: Marcelle

I had a client recently that told me about a situation where she didn’t feel comfortable about a new person in her life.  She just had a “uncomfortable” feeling that made her unsure of this person.  Now maybe it was because he reminded her of a not-so-pleasant person in her past, but maybe it was because her little voice was trying to tell her something.

And this begs the question, “Are you listening to your little voice?”

I have found that when I finally stopped questioning and started listening to my little voice, my life seemed to go better.  When I work with clients in helping them with their problems I again have found that listening to my little voice makes my work go, not just faster, but makes it work so much better than without.  This is something we teach in our workshops, learning to listen to your little voice, and it is essential that everyone learn to pay attention to it.  Click here to Oprah’s site, there is a great quiz called “The Trust Test”.  Take it and see how you rate and then let us know how you are doing?

Time to start listening,

Tony B.

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