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“What Happened???”

Posted by: Marcelle

I keep telling people that it is time to get their life in gear, to get unstuck.  And with that in mind, we did a workshop a few weeks ago about helping people get unstuck.  This is from an email I just received from a participant at that workshop.

I was at the Get Unstuck seminar two weeks ago. I volunteerd for the demo requiring someone with a long term goal not yet met, mine was starting a massage practice at home.  Since that evening I have had 10 clients, the first since last spring. I don’t know what you did but I a sure am grateful. Thank you so much.

I was unable to take advantage of your gift of a free session as I drove from Peterborough for the seminar and the two dates available were not ideal for a return trip. However, as  the demo girl I feel that that was gift enough.”

Isn’t that cool?  I am telling you, this stuff works!  If  you are on the fence about getting your life in gear, if you are looking for more in your life, you still have time to get in on the most amazing 3 day workshop to move yourself forward.  I am serious, this really works so check out this link and then register or call me, Tony, if you still are hesitating.

Anybody else out there would like to comment about getting unstuck?


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