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Good Estrogen vs Bad Estrogen

Posted by: Marcelle

Estrogen is the female hormone that makes women who they are.  And estrogen is estrogen, right?

Actually there are many types of estrogen AND some are good for you and some are bad for you.  How about that, some types of estrogen can be bad for you.

And did you know that certain foods have estrogen like properties?  And that plastics, as in plastic bottles, plastic containers and plastic pipes give off estrogen like chemicals?  It’s true and it is scary.

And then there is all of those birth control pills that are a form of synthetic estrogen, that don’t break down as they go through a woman’s body.  The end up in our water supply and they are adversely putting the fish in the water on the birth control pill and everyone who ends up drinking that polluted water.  for example, the Florida panther is about to vanish from this planet because the male cats have so much estrogen in their bodies that they can’t reproduce any more.  It just seems to go on and on.

Now here is the really scary part.  Some of the bad estrogens  have a definite link to such things as breast cancer.

The good news, you can test yourself to check your good/bad estrogen ratios.  All it takes is a simple urine test and you will know where you are.  Are you at risk for cancer?  Best to find out and take action now before anything goes wrong.

Here is a link with more science behind what I have been talking about.  Click Here.

If your doctor can’t or won’t do the urine test,  ask us how to get it done.

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