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Motivated To Lose Fat

Posted by: Marcelle

We all know that as we age our metabolism slows down.  We all know that with age we start to sag.  Muscles grow weaker, we get “granny wings”, and then comes that dimpling on our legs. But what does it take to get motivated to get in shape and stay in shape?  Does the fact that your heart, liver, kidneys and lungs all become comprimised by the excess weight motivate most people?   Answer is not likely, not unless it is causing a lot of pain and discomfort. But ask people if they want to look good by losing some weight.  That’s a whole other question.  “You bet I want to look good,  what do I have to do?”  And then here come the fad diets, the dangerous weight loss programs that cause you to actually eat your own muscles!  It really happens with a lot of the dramatic weight loss results that get touted in many advertisements.  It is called sarcopenia, you lose weight by losing muscle mass, not fat.  Super-models are usually this way as they starve themselves to the perfect body. So what are you waiting for to get in shape?  Want to look good, well we all do. But let’s get going now, before serious health problems hit us, and lets do it in a way that is good for our bodies, that won’t cause us to eat our muscles as we drop pounds. We are doing a workshop in May about the many aspects of getting rid of fat.  We know what we are talking about, so check it out.

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