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The Missing Link

Posted by: Marcelle

Have you ever taken a course, done everything you are supposed to, and it just doesn’t work as you were shown?

What’s it?  It is whatever you were trying to learn.  It can be anything from public speaking to being able to close more sales.

It has happened to me personally many times over the years.  I remember once, driving back from the airport late at night, after having been away at a week long course in how to run a business.

And boy, was I pumped.  I was ready to take on the world.  And then I came over the hill where I could see the lights of my home town.

Instantly, I felt a ball of lead form in my stomach.  All my enthusiasm drained out of me in a nanosecond.  And with dread in my heart, I went to work the next day trying out all the wisdom I had learned.  Mechanically, I was sound, but emotionally I was shaking inside.

And the results followed.  “It” just didn’t work like everyone at the course said it did.  And what could I do?  Obviously I should go back and take more courses.  They even said so in their literature.  You need to take 7 courses in a row, back to back, in order for “It” to work.  Something magic about 7 I guess, but I didn’t go back.  Some acquaintances I knew did, and even after the 7 courses in a row, they still didn’t have “It”.

Is it that some people just have “It”?????  Seems that way doesn’t it?

And looking at a lot of business coaching programs lately, I have found that they all teach the mechanics of sound business skills, but they are missing something.  Something that I like to call the Missing Link.  And that is the “It” factor.  And yes, you can learn it because “It” has been inside of you all along.

So if you are looking to complete the puzzle, are looking for that missing link, looking for that ethereal something, I am telling you right now, you can find it and we can help.  Check it out.  You literally have everything to gain.

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