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Placebo Stronger Than Doctors Thought

Posted by: Marcelle

A recent article in Lancet, the British Medical Journal, has concluded that the placebo effect, or the “fake treatment” effect, is stronger than medical doctors believed.

“international experts say there is increasing evidence that fake treatments, or placebos, have an actual biological effect in the body. …researchers cite studies where patients with Parkinson’s disease were given dummy pills. That led their brains to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical, and also resulted in other changes in brain activity.”

Wow, isn’t that something.  And don’t you love how they call placebo treatments “fake treatments”?  If the drug companies aren’t involved, then it is a fake treatment?  At least that was the impression I got.

But the good news part is that mainstream medicine is slowly waking up to the power of the body.  Yes we can influence our health, even heal ourselves.  Doesn’t mean it is easy, but we can visualize, meditate and pray our way to health.  Why, you ask, does this work.  Because the power of thought, of our thoughts, have a power to influence the physical world, that’s why.

And that is what manifesting your life is all about.  We can change our world, inside our bodies and outside.  It just takes work!

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