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Worried About Your Memory? 5 Signs of Memory Trouble

Posted by: Marcelle

Let’s get real.  We all forget things. And life can get confusing. We all have trouble remembering names at times.  My mother, when she would get upset with me would yell at my by saying “P..   Mi..  Anthony!!!”  She had to go through the names of my brothers Peter and Michael before she could let out with my name.  And that was simply the result of having 8 kids to look after, not Alzheimer’s.

But as we get along with age, we start to notice that our mind is not as sharp as it once was.  Could it be a sign of early Alzheimer’s is almost everyone’s concern. And who wants to admit out loud that they might be having problems?  This is one secret we do our best to hide and cover in any way we possibly can.  Like the person who is illiterate who always forgets their glasses, so you have to read “it” to them, we learn to cope.  But deep down inside, we can’t help but wonder and worry, is there a problem?

  • Check this list of 5 Signs of Memory Trouble to see how you are faring:

  • Your memory problems frighten you.

  • You’ve changed how you work or play

  • Friends or family point out mistakes and/or express concern.

  • You notice friends or family starting to cover for you.

  • You find it hard to make a choice

But there may be a simpler reason for your “forgetfulness”, or brain fog.

Not Everything is a Sign of Early Alzheimer’s

Could it be the result of simple stress? Or fatigue? Or something a little more hidden like  a yeast infection?  It certainly can be and fixing these problems can make the world of difference.  The causes of memory problems are not always apparent, but if you have concerns, start with the most simple possibilities and eliminate them one by one.

If you want more information about memory problems, check the following:   Alzheimer’s Symptoms Check List ., and life gets a lot more exciting.


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