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Treating Hidden Concussions

Posted by: Marcelle

Treating Concussions

When a Post-Concussion Syndrome develops, it can be life changing. We’ve had clients arrive at our clinic who have been suffering for years from the long-lasting impact of a concussion, and don’t even realize it. They’ve had scans, they’ve gone to doctors of all kinds – and nothing can fix the problem. There’s a good reason for this that’s we’ve seen time and again our clinic. We are going to share that reason with you today, so read on.

hidden concussion

The Hidden Concussion

A concussion is a trauma to the brain, most often from a hit to the head. The trouble is, even a small hit can have a big impact. In the past, you may have been told to shake it off. Though lately, as a society, people are becoming more aware of concussions in their children, from hockey to soccer injuries, and the need to give care following trauma. But keep in mind that adults also are suffering from the effects of concussions as a result of, for instance, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and even simple slips and falls.

  • Symptoms of concussions can range from:
  • Incapacitating headaches
  • Amnesia
  • Severe “brain fog”
  • Emotional changes such as anxiety, depression or personality changes.

These symptoms can last for years moving into decades. It’s important to pay attention to whatever symptoms your body may transmit, and take them as a possible sign of further trauma. You body often tells you the real story: listen. While most have been taught to pop a pain killer and wait for the symptoms to go away, there are often cases where that’s not enough.

Here’s what we’ve seen at Kanata Chiropractic from decades of experience in chiropractic: the issue of ‘no sign of injury, but clear symptoms of discomfort of change’ seems to be related to the fact that X-rays of the skull often show no fractures, and therefore, it is thought, no injuries. And that is just not acknowledging the whole picture.

Listen_To_Your_BodyAs chiropractors, we are able to detect any spinal dyskinesia – What is that? Spinal dyskinesia is a fancy term for problems in the spine. But you know what, from our experience, there’s a load more that can be detected. When discussion concussions, you need to acknowledge the motion of the skull. That’s right, the motion of your skull. It’s not as fused as you might imagine, there is movement in there with respect to each other.

When there is a loss of motion of any junction of your cranial bones, as a result of trauma, the symptoms are the same as for Post-Concussion Syndrome! Knowing this – know that it might not show up on an x-ray of your skull, but the trauma could be there nevertheless is a key first step to resolving your issues. We have helped many people who have been quite desperate for relief, simply by treating the skull with extremely gently techniques. For some, it is the key to resolving their issues.

Find yourself a practitioners who realizes this, and you’re on a good start to healing any lingering effect of past concussions.

Have a concussion story or questions from this post? Share/ask in the comments!

image creative commons by Eirik Refsdal, altered

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