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10 Signs You’re Having a Migraine

Posted by: Marcelle

Spot the symptoms of a migraine & reduce your pain

Many of us were quite young when we experienced our first headache. We probably don’t even remember the moment they began to develop. But it can be different with a migraine. Although a migraine may come slightly later in life (However, children and even infants can have migraines, they just don’t know how to tell you. Head banging in infants and toddlers are a cardinal sign of a migraine), and can creep up totally unexpected, displaying itself with symptoms you’ve never before known. In today’s post, we’ll share with you some common symptoms of a migraine headache, and actions you can take immediately to help reduce the intensity and duration of the oncoming pain.


Headaches aren’t pleasant, but migraines are debilitating. Many people experience warning signs of an impending migraine in the form of a loss of vision, flashing lights, tunnel visions, and zig zag lights called auras filling up their sight. The pain of the migraine usually follows. With over 30 years work of helping clients recover from migraines, we’ve come to know the visual symptoms of an oncoming migraine – and now you can too:

  1.    Seeing flashes or flickering light (the most common visual symptom of migraine)
  2.    Seeing zigzag lines or waves, also called fortification illusions
  3.    Seeing spots, stars, halos, circles, lines, other shapes or colors, also known as auras
  4.    Blurry vision
  5.    Shimmering effects
  6.    Loss of vision, blind spots
  7.    Cloudy vision
  8.    Other vision changes
  9.    Seeing three-dimensional effects or geometric patterns
  10.    Seeing dark areas

So what do you do when these strange sights blur your vision and fill your eyesight? First, make a mental note to visit a health practitioner and have them confirm it’s only a migraine and nothing worse. Then, you should immediately stop your work. Not only is it dangerous to drive or perform a task while these new lights are flashing about your eyes, it’s not going to help the oncoming problem reduce.

Here are some simple steps you can take to help stop or reduce the intensity of a migraine before it hits:

The first thing to do is get out of the light, be it a computer monitor, or the sun shining on a windshield or the water.

  • If possible, try to find a quiet spot where you can relax, hopefully a darkened area.
  • Try rubbing acupressure points. Here are links to two great articles that can help guide you.
  • If on hand, try some essential oils to breathe in such as lilac, basil, or peppermint
  • Stay away from food that can be a trigger: dairy, chocolate, peanut butter, wheat, grains, avocado, banana, citrus, onion, meats with nitrates, MSG, red wine, fermented foods.
  • Some homeopathic remedies could help you like belladonna, natrum muriaticum, spigelia
  • Often the root cause of a migraine is your liver having problem detoxifying, so taking a very well formulated Multi B vitamin might help your liver with this process.
  • Taking Omega 3 oil can help you decrease the inflammation process of the migraine.
  • Feverfew, CoQ10, riboflavin and magnesium can be very helpful supplements to prevent the migraines.

And if you are thinkingbut why do I get migraines?’ that is a very good question to be asking. The cause of your migraines may be from a problem in your spine or cranial bones. It may be your diet or it could be a sign of more serious problems. You may be able to stop them completely with the correct treatment.

Migraines are a sign of imbalance, and imbalances can be fixed. You don’t need to suffer. Pay us a visit, or see your chiropractor.

How do you cope with a migraine headache? What symptoms alert you to the oncoming pain? Share in the comments and help those who need it! Whether you’re familiar with the migraine headache, or have yet to experience one first hand, keep this list of tips in your mind if you ever begin to see those lights. You might have a migraine.


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