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Too Much Exercise

Posted by: Marcelle

Why coachToo Much Exercise

sounds like the title of a Bernstein Bears book.  But in this blog post it is not about the Bernstein Bears, but actual real exercise by real people.

With Spring happening all around us, I  have seen people who are trying desperately to get into shape for Summer.  And in this one case in particular, that involved one of the many “Boot Camp” exercise workouts that seem to proliferate at this time of year.

Is exercise good for you?  Of course it is.

The real question should be “Are some types of exercise better for you than others?”  And the answer is once again of course.

In the situation I am thinking about, a woman in her early 60’s was trying to get into shape by pushing the envelope.  The trouble is that pushing the envelope for a 60 year old is much different than pushing the envelope for a 30 year old.

The result was Back Pain, on a scale of 1 to 10, this was 10 out of 10.

Luckily this was nothing more than a pulled low back muscle.  But the pain was major league.  Putting heat on the sore area was the exact wrong thing to do.  In fact it was the one thing almost guaranteed to make it worse.

When you pull a muscle, think ice first!  One of those frozen but soft jell ice packs is highly recommended.  10 – 15 minutes of ice, and repeat every hour or more.  And make sure that only a light cloth is between you and the ice.  At first if feels pretty uncomfortable, but after a minute it will numb out and then the healing starts.

Keep on with the ice to get ahead of the inflammation.

Chiropractic adjustments with the Impulse Adjusting Machine

Dr. Marcelle Forget uses Impulse Adjusting Tool

Dr. Marcelle Forget uses Impulse Adjusting Tool

will get the spine loosened up, increase the blood flow and lymphatic circulation to the affected area.

And as to exercise, stretching and yoga are a great way to go.  As to losing weight, knowing the right foods, and detoxing are very effective ways to do this.

For more information on losing weight, simply look at these sites.  Click Here


….. and for those who are wondering, Bernstein Bears book.

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