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Head Trauma and Concussions

Posted by: Marcelle

Dr Tony Brunelle, Chiropractor in Ottawa Ontario

Dr Tony Brunelle, Chiropractor in Ottawa Ontario

When it comes to Head Trauma and Concussions, we are learning that the brain is much more fragile that was thought only a few  years ago.

The days of taking a hit to the head and then going right  back into the game are over.  But that doesn’t mean that people who suffered head injuries in the past are better.  The effects of head trauma can last for years and years and years.

Just the other day I was working with a patient who suffered a mild head injury about a year ago.  The symptoms certainly were not mild.  Severe headaches, exhaustion and personality changes.

Personality Changes from Head Trauma and Concussions

I referred to this change in personality as a form of tourette’s syndrome  I have found that often, people suffering from head trauma start to have a very low threshold to stress.  They get upset easily and often will verbalize in colourful language.  

It takes more than just time to heal however.  Simply waiting for time to repair the injury doesn’t seem to work all that well. The brain needs help and that is where Craniosacral treatments seem to be one of the most effective tools that I have available.

I believe that an “Energy Cyst”, a traumatic shock, becomes stuck in the skull.  As to where this Energy Cyst gets stuck is as unique to the person suffering from the trauma as there are different types of injury.  All that to say, somewhere, an Energy Cyst gets stuck inside the body and this causes a disruption to the normal craniosacral flow of energy.  Once there is a disruption to the natural flow of energy to the nervous system, all types of symptoms may present.

Remove  the Energy Cyst, and you let the person begin the healing.

At our office, we incorporate Craniosacral healing as part of our chiropractic tool kit.  Looking for answers?  Give us a call.

Dr. Tony Brunelle, D.C.

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